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We understand our customer’s boating experiences begin out of the water, and that the quality and durability of their trailers is extremely important. That’s why we include so many key features as standard equipment. It’s one way we keep our standards of excellence as high as our customer’s expectations.

  • Plug & Play Lights

    Quick disconnect light terminals, along with our use of dielectric grease, makes for easy maintenance and a corrosion free application.

  • Aluminum Diamond Plate Fenders

    Lightweight, durable and won’t rust. Also a sharper look for your boat and trailer package.

  • Heavy Duty Winch Straps

    NO rusting. NO kinking. NO fraying. High capacity winch straps are safer and easier to operate.

  • D.O.T. Composite Brake Line with Brass Fittings

    Enjoy the benefits of a non-corrosive and flexible brake line compared to steel brake lines.

  • Steel Belted Bias Tires

    Two or more layers of nylon cord PLUS two steel belt layers resulting improved tire tracking, increased tread wear, longer tire life, reduced heat build up, and a smoother ride.

  • Eliminator GALVX Vented Rotor Disc Brakes

    Aluminum calipers and the vented rotor design allows for cooler braking contributing to longer brake pad life. GalvX finish is perfect for both salt water and fresh water use.

  • Super Lube Spindles

    The Super Lube system provides for greater extended bearing life by thoroughly distributing grease throughout and eliminates the need to disassemble the hubs and repack the wheel bearings by hand.

  • Galvanized Hardware, U-bolts, winch stand, axles, tongue and many other components

    Keep your trailer looking newer longer with hot dip galvanized components. Better corrosion resistance than the alternative industry standard zinc.


When you buy a NMMA/NATM Certified trailer, you gain the confidence of knowing it meets voluntary industry safety and construction standards because it has been meticulously inspected by a third-party professional.

Venture Trailers has been a proud member of both certification programs since its inception.

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National Marine Manufacturers Association

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Boat Trailer

Navigate Your Options with Help from our Trailer Experts

Boat Length

The Bow Eye to Transom/Drain Plug measurement is the most critical measurement when selecting the proper trailer for your boat.

When determining boat length, you should never include the swim platform, bow pulpits or Euro transoms. Many boat manufacturers include the length of swim platforms and bow pulpits in the overall boat length (LOA). Make sure you get the correct bow eye to transom/drain plug measurement otherwise it can result in an improper fit.

Below are some forms that will help you get the closest fit for your boat.

Print the form, take the measurements of your hull and provide to your dealer to assist in getting the right trailer for your boat.

Universal Boat Hull Measurement Form

Single Inboard Measurement Form

Twin Inboard Measurement Form

Stepped Hull Measurement Form

Pontoon Measurement Form

Trailer Measurement Form

Weight Calculator

Calculating your boat’s weight capacity is a critical step for determining your trailer needs. That’s where we come in: our tool handles the numbers so you can handle the next adventure.

Simply enter your boat’s criteria in this calculator to find out your total capacity.

Trailer Weight Calculator

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